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Imperishable Memories v1.1 now available!
Hello, Jenn here! Version 1.1 of Imperishable Memories, which includes several fixes/additions, including but not limited to: Dialogue Log accessible throughout...
Get your Imperishable Memories avatars!
Hey friends, wanna have some avatars based on Imperishable Memories? Download these neat avatars and use them on your favorite social media world wide websites...
Imperishable Memories now available!
Hey everyone, Jenn here! Imperishable Memories is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux. I've also decided to open up the discussion forum feature and maybe peop...
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Imperishable Memories - Stage 01 Demo Now Available!
A new demo for Imperishable Memories is now available! In this one you'll play through Stage 01, meeting with Montoclese and maybe a few mysterious cutscenes!?...
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