Imperishable Memories v1.1 now available!

Hello, Jenn here! Version 1.1 of Imperishable Memories, which includes several fixes/additions, including but not limited to:

  • Dialogue Log accessible throughout the entire game! This will show you a record of recent in-game conversations. This is handy if you're like me and tend to space out during video games ^^;
  • Several quality of life additions to Arcade Mode, including the option to quickly bypass cutscenes and a remappable conversation fast-forward button (I mapped this to the Q key by default so you won't accidentally press it, but feel free to remap it as you please!)
  • More resolution options and a resizeable window! If you're a 4:3, 16:10, etc. monitor you can now select your native resolution and the game will letterbox it correctly to 16:9.
  • Added extra lives to Arcade Mode.
  • Chapter icons added to Story Mode Chapter Select screen.
  • Added sounds to high score entry screen.
  • Slightly altered Jenn Raye loading screen.
  • Lowered volume of Stage 8 boss music.
  • Fixed a subtitle not appearing during final Stage 4 cutscene.
  • Fixed several audio bugs with Pause Screen.
  • Fixed broken collision data on Stage 4 boss.
  • Fixed enemies/elements suddenly disappearing during Stage 3 boss.
  • Fixed incorrect timer display during Stage 2 boss.
  • Fixed spheres you weren't supposed to pick up during Stage 8 (which also caused bad sound bugs).
  • Fixed bug where pausing during results screen and clicking an option would result in a softlock.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes you would be sent to high score entry screen even without a Top 10 score, softlocking the game.
  • Fixed bug where clicking "Skip Cutscene" during the final cutscene would send you to a blank stage.
  • probably some things i'm forgetting but *shrug*

Thank you so much for playing Imperishable Memories, and hopefully these fixes and additions will improve your experience even more! <3

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