A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Imperishable Memories is a narrative-driven shoot-em-up game developed in Unity for PC, Mac, and Linux. It combines bullet-hell gameplay with flashy cutscenes and angsty pondering to tell a story about coming to terms with horrible mistakes and gaining the strength to move on, little by little.

After years of regret and inner turmoil, Roy decides to return to Atherus, a world bound by his memories and creative expressions. He hopes to find answers, but one of his most toxic creations, a stylish silver-haired being named Thanatos, has taken over and integrated himself into the structure of Atherus. What terrifying changes has he brought about?

Along the way, Roy will meet several of his old characters, such as a flying tentacle monster, a depressed bee, and an angry pink-haired girl in a low-poly dress. Years and years of mental anguish and isolation have left all of them cold... scared... desperate...

What is it that Roy can't let go of?

Shoot em' Up in an Aged Former Reality from Jennifer Raye. Coming August 2018 for PC, Mac, Linux.

Published Nov 22, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorJennifer Raye
Tagsintrospective, Narrative, Shoot 'Em Up, stg, story


Imperishable Memories (Feb 2018 Demo) (Windows) 71 MB
Imperishable Memories (Feb 2018 Demo) (Linux) 77 MB
Imperishable Memories (Feb 2018 Demo) (Mac) 76 MB

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hello!! i just playtested your game at juegos rancheros and it was SO cute and SO fun. i was the girl who mentioned "cuphead."  here's  a link to the game i'm talking about. i really enjoyed the whimsical hand-drawn components. it made it so relatable and enjoyable. your mention of this game being personal to you really shows through in the gameplay and narrative; i felt like i was playing in the headspace of a person, rather than just testing your game. it made me feel warm inside. i loved it, i really did. best of luck to you, i'll definitely back your game :-)

I just played the demo, so I thought I'd give my piece on this. TO THOSE READING THIS COMMENT, I'M COMMENTING ONLY ON THE DEMO, NOT THE FINALIZED PRODUCT. Anyway, please understand that this is my first time testing a demo and giving feedback, so I might sound really redundant to a more experienced dev and/or player.

Some perks:

   1. First off, I LOVE the visual design. It's easily the best part of the demo. I have a soft spot for the childish doodle aesthetic, and considering this is supposed to be about looking back on one's past, it seems very fitting.

   2. I enjoy the music, although please take that with a grain of salt, as I'm rather biased toward EDM style music. The melodies are extremely simple and loops are very short, but still catchy and have yet to wear on me. I think that's helped by the fact that the stage was pretty short, so it doesn't take long for the music to change to a different track when I fight the boss.

Some concerns: I understand that you were already aware of some of the bugs in the demo, but I didn't know which ones you knew about, so I'll list all the ones I noticed, since I feel you ought to know this stuff during the Kickstarter funding period.

   1. I can't tell what's part of the background and what's an obstacle, except for the enemies actively attacking me. I've accidently run into a rock(?) formation, not realizing it was an obstacle both times I played the demo. Also, the flying buildings during the boss fight REALLY made the set piece/obstacle confusion more apparent.  So definitely improve on clarifying the foreground and background, esp when objects are moving from one to the other.

   2. Umm, why do I keep getting a negative score by the end of the stage? I see the number of deaths affects the score, which makes perfect sense (although I don't understand the "+ 50" figure. Did you mean to say "x 50" instead?), but it also seems like my score from shooting enemies down also subtracts from my score. Shouldn't deaths have an opposite score value from the value of clearing enemies?

   3. I don't know how to grab enemies. It seems to just happen while I'm holding down the "shoot" button. My advice would be to make the "throw" button the same as the "grab enemy" button, depending on context.

   4. Not a bug, but the gameplay itself feels generic. I guess the "throw your enemies at other enemies" mechanic is the most dynamic feature, and maybe thematically the gameplay is supposed to feel super-simplistic? I guess that's one of the downsides of playing a demo; I don't know the ultimate payoff of these artistic choices until the game is finished. If that is the case, then I think the game would be satisfying with a really rich storyline and aesthetic additions (music, SFX,  the already awesome visuals ). Otherwise, my fear is that the game will get boring pretty quickly.

So that's my thoughts on the demo. I realize the Kickstarter funding period is underway at the time I post this comment, so I hope my feedback is helpful to you, and I wish you luck developing and selling this game.